Art 4209, Experience Design :: Blog #1 :: Rob Bell, “Politics is a Good Word”

I usually tell people that I’m ‘Apolotical out of ignorance.’

After listening to Rob Bell, I’m not so sure I should be proud of that, whether I say it tongue-in-cheek or not. Bell’s passion about the political process (I’ll admit, I’m reticent to even talk about or say “politics”) was enlightening and I found myself begrudgingly feeling a little more eager to find out how to get involved with the processes he was so excited about.

As a designer, I found myself respecting how Bell spoke of those things that are systemically important. In terms of the “audience” of politics – or, who it really effects – ¬†you can’t really get much bigger or more important. In addition, it was interesting to get his inside view of the democratic process. It was encouraging to hear the positive story of his father, which was nice for this cynical constituent to hear.

However, I found his salsa-obsessed plane crash to be an (obviously, in some ways) imperfect metaphor for the struggles a nation faces. I don’t feel qualified to start dismantling the metaphor directly, but it still didn’t sit right with me… That may just reveal that I need to change my attitude about the political process.

In the end, I think that Rob Bell has pulled off my jaded, uneducated facade and forced me to realize that I need to educate myself more. Hopefully this project will help me learn, just as how I hope to end up educating the audience of my exhibit.