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Info Design :: Blog Post #5

Mechanical Keyboard Winter Survey 2016 The mechanical keyboard community is as dedicated as it is nerdy. Proponents of mechanical keyboards tout them as a superb typing experience, and I’m inclined to believe them. I’ve been looking to go mechanical for some time now, but when a good mechanical keyboard starts at eighty dollars and only… Read more »

Info Design :: Blog Post #4

Common On-Page SEO Issues Raven Tools has built a pretty solid infographic. There are several things that it does very well: It’s cleanly designed, has a great color palette, and delivers graphics in a meaningful context for users. The colors and construction theme help explain to audiences that this deals with construction and errors, and… Read more »

Info Design :: Blog Post #3

Snowzilla It’s very easy to recognize¬†when information is challenging to present and digest. When a communication challenge presents itself as difficult, an infographic may be the best way to proceed. Consider the following data points about the ‘snowzilla’ snow storm on the East Coast, reported by Digital Meteorologist Ryan Maue: Because we must know this… Read more »

Info Design :: Blog Post #2

RotoVision’s¬†the designer and the grid A fascinating experiment in grid, information, and print design, this book makes it’s uniqueness immediately apparent by the label on the cover. In the bottom right corner near where the RotoVision label appears, there are three labels: “Pages in print section,” “pages in chapter,” and “pages.” It’s not immediately apparent… Read more »

Info Design :: Blog Post #1

Information Design Finding the optimal arrangement of information is something that designers always have to consider when trying to solve a problem. Unfortunately, achieving a layout that both looks good and communicates complex information is no simple task. A single graphic product must serve many masters- it, of course, has to look good, but that’s… Read more »