Info Design :: Blog Post #2

bookcoverRotoVision’s the designer and the grid

A fascinating experiment in grid, information, and print design, this book makes it’s uniqueness immediately apparent by the label on the cover. In the bottom right corner near where the RotoVision label appears, there are three labels: “Pages in print section,” “pages in chapter,” and “pages.”

It’s not immediately apparent what these labels refer to, but as you open the book, you notice that on the interior, what these labels refer to actually contain unlabeled numbers throughout the entire book. The cover assists the reader by granting the context needed in order to understand what’s going on in the interior. It compresses the amount of information needed on each page and eases reading comprehension and understanding.book02

The book features some wonderful examples of Information Design. The above spread compares and contrasts the composition of the acts of several movies by presenting them with colored bars. Sparse labels are only used to inform the viewer as to what is going on the movie. By using consistency to communicate efficiently with the reader, the book reduces the amount of work it needs to go thru in order to clearly compare and contrast data.