Info Design :: Blog Post #4

Common On-Page SEO Issues


Retrieved from CoolInfographics. Click above for the full infographic. By Raven Tools.

Raven Tools has built a pretty solid infographic. There are several things that it does very well: It’s cleanly designed, has a great color palette, and delivers graphics in a meaningful context for users. The colors and construction theme help explain to audiences that this deals with construction and errors, and helps to legitimize the sometimes abstract problems of SEO.

In addition, the data visualizations are well constructed and true-to-form. There are no malformed bar-charts or confusing representations of percentages here. In addition, further decorative illustrations push certain points home, like this bulldozer that represents removing unneeded content.


The only place where I see room for improvement in this infographic is that there is some unexplored capacity for metaphors that explain these problems or why they are damaging to a page’s SEO. With the construction theme, there are plenty of interesting little connections the audience could draw with SEO, and Raven Tools only scratched the surface of that.