Info Design :: Blog Post #5

Mechanical Keyboard Winter Survey 2016

wintersurveyintro’s ’16 Winter Survey, full graphic available on their website.

The mechanical keyboard community is as dedicated as it is nerdy. Proponents of mechanical keyboards tout them as a superb typing experience, and I’m inclined to believe them. I’ve been looking to go mechanical for some time now, but when a good mechanical keyboard starts at eighty dollars and only gets more expensive, ensuring that you¬†invest in a good keyboard can be a bit like a research project. Thankfully, there are many groups out there looking to catalog, rate, compare, and share anything they can about their mechanical keyboard experiences. The folks over at Go Mechanical Keyboard¬†have created an infographic that I’ll be talking about in today’s post. Take a hot second to check it out.

This infographic does a pretty good job of displaying the results of the survey, but could improve in several areas. The graphs are well constructed and easy to read, but a lot of data is still displayed in longform text. The colors, while thematically pertinent (the colors pertain to certain types of keyboard switches), do not codify well with each other despite the layout separating things well.

Paper Info

Another equally confusing area in the ‘office supplies’ category can be paper.


As we can see on the back of these paper packages, there’s a lot of information to digest about paper. Unfortunately, it seems like the only graphics that help assist us in digesting this information are the arrows at the bottom of the table. Simple iconography and graphics could really distill this information and present it visually. The designers could have even included scale sizes of paper to show the sizes of the types of paper offered.