Senior Capstone, Visual Communications :: Human Centered Design

Today’s blog post focuses on VIDEOS AND INFORMATION FROM

Human Centered Design and Design Kit

Design thinking, when discussed, often sounds like some nebulous thing. That’s why the Ideo Design Kit is incredibly useful in its ability to make concrete and expand the nebulous stages of inspiration, iteration, and implementation.

I found the “Methods” section of the design kit to be especially useful. In the Methods section, pieces of each section of the design thinking process are broken down and explained. For example, under the inspiration section, one can find out how to give an interview or frame a problem in order to improve research. Codifying these processes allows them to be easily accessible, rather than abstract and unobtainable.

I also greatly appreciated how they framed things in terms of questions. Often, looking at a list of tools isn’t exactly the easiest way to figure out which one to use. By framing things in questions like “How do I conduct an interview?” or “How do I make sense of what I’ve heard?”, designers can approach this toolkit and interface with it rapidly.

The Design Kit itself is very beautifully designed. It’s color coded well, beautifully arranged, and well organized. The site feels like it was made for designers, but is also accessible to non-designers.