Branding and graphics for YouTube

I’ve had the good fortune of being called upon to provide motion graphics for two nerdy Youtube channels throughout the years. Tabletop Talk helped kickstart my career in design, and Cool20 provided another fun branding challenge.

Fair warning: The content created by Tabletop Talk and Cool20 contains profanity.

Tabletop Talk

2013 – 2017
PS, AI, AE, GIMP, Premiere

Tabletop Talk is where a couple of friends go to get together and record high quality, lightly-edited talbetop role playing game footage. Providing laughs and fantasy, Tabletop Talk needed attention-catching titles and animations to immerse their viewers into the worlds they told stories about.

My journey with Tabletop Talk began even before I went to school for design. I built channel graphics on free software like GIMP and did rudimentary animations in animation-hostile environments like Sony Vegas Pro. Recently, I got the chance to rebrand the channel and built a new, genre-agnostic system, focusing on the universals of role-playing: An infinite space for imagination, dice rolling, and play.



Tabletop Talk is the home of two rowdy boys who decided to launch a YouTube channel where they can crack wise while playing electronic video games — all for your entertainment!

My good friend Tommy came to me with the project of providing Cool 20 with a channel graphics suite. All he had was a name and a tune. Learning from my experience with Tabletop Talk, we decided to make the channel branding genre agnostic, focusing on the larger-than-life personality and noggins of the show’s hosts.